• ScadaPhone Alarm Dialer:

    ScadaPhone is a full-featured alarm dialer
    compatible with all versions of Windows and
    all SCADA servers supporting OPC, OLE or
    DDE communications.

ScadaPhone is a standalone application that runs seamlessly under Windows Operating System versions from Windows 10 and 11, Servers 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 R2 and 2022, VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.

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There are numerous products on the market today for reporting alarms from SCADA systems.

The criteria for selecting the right alarm dialer for your application can be complicated:

  • Cost   -vs-  Performance
  • Complexity   -vs-  Simplicity
  • Flexibility  -vs-  Usability

But one attribute that should never be compromised: Reliability.

After 16 years of ongoing evolution, with input from real-world challenges with real-world requirements, ScadaPhone has been honed into the most reliable, most powerful, and most flexible Windows based alarm dialer available.

ScadaPhone's multiple-reporting-device capability makes ScadaPhone inherently superior to alarm reporting software which relies solely upon one notification method: If one reporting method is unavailable due to a communications outage, having an alternative method for reporting alarms can be critically important.

ScadaPhone has all of the standard features you would expect from an alarm dialer:

  • Configurable connection to any SCADA server that supports OPC, DDE, or OLE communications.
  • Alarm announcement via voice audio over telephone, PC Soundcard or Voice Modem output.
  • Alarm announcement via text message over Cellular SMS, Email, or Alphanumeric Pager.
  • Unlimited number of alarms to monitor
  • Unlimited configurable contacts (i.e. Phone numbers or email addresses).
  • Scheduler configures actions is to be taken which contacts are available, and the hierarchy of contacts to be alerted when alarms occur.
  • Alarms segregated into an unlimited number of alarm groups, each group having independent contact sequence and availability list.
  • Multi-Level password protected security for an unlimited number of authorized users.
  • Microsoft Text To Speech interface support to automatically generate voice message WAV files.

In addition to the standard alarm dialer features, ScadaPhone has an impressive list of enhanced features:

ScadaPhone's ScadaLink can connect to any SCADA Software, which supports OPC, OLE or DDE communications, and retrieve the current values of alarm statuses and data points and allows bi-directional data-flow
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