ScadaPhone Features

Extensive Event Logging including: Activity Log, Alarm History Log, Call Log, Modem Command Logs Plus several other logs that independently monitor other system activities.

Alarm History Reports can be generated either manually (as needed) or automatically (triggered by a schedule). Alarm History Reports can be generated in HTML, RTF, TXT, or CSV file formats. Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Shift reports can be configured with the automatic report scheduler. These reports can also be automatically emailed to multiple email addresses as attachments.

Multiple Watchdog Features are implemented to insure operator notification if and when abnormal system events occur. ScadaPhone’s watchdogs can detect program stalls, SCADA server communication failures, phone line failures, and modem unresponsiveness. ScadaPhone can be configured to write these watchdog values to the SCADA system (through which they can also be passed down to the PLC).

Alarm Browsers are implemented for an ever-growing number of SCADA packages; these browsers reduce ScadaPhone configuration time from hours down to minutes by obtaining a complete list of alarms defined in the SCADA project and automatically configuring the corresponding alarms and tags in the ScadaPhone project.

Built-in support for SCADA Redundancy. Automatic fail-over to hot-backup

Optional Web Server Interface to allow system-status checking and alarm acknowledgment via any web browser.

These enhanced features, in addition to many others, make ScadaPhone difficult to beat.